3 Myths about Working in the Design Industry (and what YOU can learn from them)

If you think the design industry is all about ordering pretty things and staging Pinterest photos, guess again!

While many new designers imagine a fantastical world of beautiful homes and smiling clients, the real world is rather different. Sure, beautiful homes and smiling clients are, hopefully, still part of the deal, but those make up a small fraction of our job as a whole.

We’ll be debunking some common “Design Myths” this month. While these are important for any new designer entering the industry, they also contain some lessons for anyone considering a home reno project!

DESIGN MYTH #1: Waiting for backordered items to come in is normal.


Backordered and discontinued items = timeline death! Designers should check, check, then check again and never be complacent. There is an alternative.


Yes, discovering that your items are unavailable is normal, but waiting for them is not! I know it can be disappointing, but if your item is backordered or discontinued, your best strategy is to keep calm. It’s a big, wide world out there, and there is always an alternative.

Plus — you may love the alternative item even more than the original!

DESIGN MYTH #2: Being a designer has nothing to do with sales.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but designers are very much in the business of sales. Designers are selling themselves, their talents, and their ability to solve clients’ current and future problems. A designer can have all the talent in the world, but if he/she is not a “people person,” they’ll find it difficult to work with clients.


Just because designers are selling themselves, does NOT mean they are trying to trick you. The key is to find a designer whose personality works well with yours. You want someone who truly listens to what you want and, more importantly, incorporates your wishes into your home. In initial conversations, look for designers that show they’ve been paying attention to your words.

DESIGN MYTH #3: Interior designers get to pick out gorgeous items all day.


New designers — don’t be fooled by the “dream job” of finding and purchasing beautiful things all day! Being a designer is 20% design and 80% project management. Most of an interior designer’s time is spent working with vendors, overseeing installations, controlling budget and timeline, and putting out fires before they start.


Make sure the designer you’re hiring has a track record of excellent project management. You can get this information from referrals, from asking for examples of how he/she handled problems, and from getting to know the designer’s personality. At the end of the day, you should hire someone who will have your back!

Stay tuned — we’ll have more myths coming soon!

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