5 Interior Design Mistakes You Can Fix

Designing your ideal home interior can be a challenging process. If you find yourself feeling like your interior design isn’t working, it could be because you’ve made small but significant mistakes along the way. Read on to discover tips on how to fix commonly made interior design mistakes.

Incorrectly hung art
Misplaced art can easily offset the balance of your home. A common mistake that designers see is hanging artwork at the wrong height. Most people hang their art too high on the wall, which gives a weird look to the space and can make it feel too much like a gallery. A good tip is to hang your art at eye level—about five feet off the ground. Hanging artwork in line with the eye enables it to become a focal point without being a distraction.

Furniture faux pas
Your furniture arrangement could unknowingly prevent you from achieving the interior design of your dreams. Furniture does not need to be pressed up against the wall. Bringing your furniture out from the wall will help cultivate a social space and makes it easier for guests to interact. It would help if you also considered your walkways. Be sure to arrange your furniture in such a way that you and others can move effortlessly within the room.

Caught up in clutter
Clutter is damaging to interior design because it prevents your rooms from looking their best. If clutter is overtaking your space, get rid of it. Find creative ways to store what you don’t want to remove. Here, functional furniture comes in handy as it allows you to whisk away unsightly clutter while still keeping it on hand. Ottomans with space for blankets, islands with shelves for pots and pans, and a coffee table with a shelf for magazines are all useful pieces to keep clutter at bay.

Lackluster lighting
A common urge is to install overhead lighting and then leave it at that. Focusing on one form of light does a disservice to your space, as it only provides harsh lighting from above. Add in a variety of light fixtures at different levels to truly awash your room in light. Be sure to spread out your lighting evenly to ensure that your room is balanced.

Mismanaged measurements
If you’re guilty of eyeballing the size of a couch before you purchase it only to discover that it absolutely does not fit in your living space, you are not alone. Not only should you correctly measure the length of your walls, but you also need to measure the dimensions of your furniture. A sofa may fit length-wise, but its depth may throw off the balance of the space in your living room. Measuring will help you find pieces that balance your area, not commandeer and overtake.

Don’t worry if you’ve committed one or more of these mistakes because each comes with a simple fix! If you want to avoid these design setbacks all together, it’s best to hire a professional. Interior designers know how to arrange, layout, and edit your space so that it reaches its full potential.

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