6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home Décor This Spring

Despite many of us spending our time indoors these days, spring is in full bloom outside. Don’t let the season of fresh starts and renewal pass you by unnoticed. Welcome the season inside your home! If you’ve already completed your spring cleaning, it’s time to freshen up your home decor for spring with these six tips. 

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Embrace elements of nature

With all of nature in bloom, it’s a no brainer to incorporate the outdoors into your home. We suggest getting your hands on a fresh bouquet whenever you can, but if that’s not your thing, simply fill a vase with colorful fake flowers. Orchids, as well as tulips and daffodils, are easy to take care of and look beautiful in any living space. Place greenery on tables, mantels, window sills, or hanging from your ceiling. You can also add spring scented candles, like citrus, throughout your home. 

Throw new shag pillows and blankets into the mix

Spring is all about fun colors and patterns. An easy way to incorporate them into your home is through throw pillows and blankets. Whether you’re adding them to your family room, living room, or bedroom, make sure they complement the other decor and colors already in the room. Consider including corals, yellows, and pastel variations of your favorite color in your spring palette. Floral and watercolor patterns are also a hit. If you don’t want to pay for new pillows seasonally, you can always invest in pillow coverings⁠—a simple swap!  

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Replace your towels

Often an afterthought, towels are a design element that can capture someone’s eye when they walk into a room. So, updating your towels seasonally is an excellent way to add spring to your space. In your kitchen and bathroom, replace the towels you currently have with ones that are bright and bold. Hand towels also come in patterns and prints. Choose one that depicts a spring motif you enjoy. New towels won’t break the bank, but they will amp up your style. 

Let there be light

Once spring rolls around, the days get longer, which allows natural light to pour into your home for more extended periods of time. Lighting elevates a room and enhances the mood. It’s proven that natural light is good for the mind, and while we’re stuck inside, it’s important that we take advantage of this. Swap darker curtains with white linen ones or sheer drapes. Or, replace your curtains altogether and hang a valence or new set of blinds. 

Paint an accent wall

If you’ve wanted to repaint your home, spring is an ideal time to do so. Temperatures are usually moderate, and you can open the windows to let fresh air in and help control the fumes. While you can, of course, freshen up any paint in your house, if you only want to update it for the season, consider an accent wall. Not only can you paint your accent wall a bright spring color, but you could also choose a printed wallpaper to enhance the room.

Update your furniture 

Did you already declutter your space this spring? If so, you’re probably looking at your room in a whole new light. Furniture that’s been in hiding is now visible, and maybe you’re rethinking its place in your home. Whether you decide to add custom furniture or update the upholstery of existing furniture, you’ll instantly freshen up your space and make it feel brand new. For spring, add colorful cushions to neutral chairs and incorporate a few wicker items throughout the soace.

These tips and tricks will revive your living space and breathe fresh life into your house. If you want to freshen up your home decor for spring, but don’t know where to start, contact Deziner Tonie today!

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