7 Interior Design & Furniture Trends for Summer & Fall 2018

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you’ll know that we absolutely love inspiration — wherever it can be found!

This month’s design inspiration comes from Salone del Mobile, an annual international furniture fair in Milan, Italy. As much as we love experiencing the heart of another culture for inspiration, we have to admit that an international fair is an incredible way to see a lot all at once.

This year’s event lived up the expectation and gave us a great look at which trends are emerging, which are hitting the road, and which are here to stay…

Design Trend 1: Hot Spring-Inspired Bathrooms (move over spa baths!)

This breathtaking tub looks like it was carved right out of a mountain. Who wants a spa bath when you can feel like you’re bathing in a natural hot spring instead? Keep an eye out for the spa-bath trend to start shifting away from artificial and more toward nature-made.

Design Trend 2: Ancient Styles Mix with Modern-Day

This space mixes Moroccan shapes, French-inspired florals, and a modern-day color palette of blues, grays, and blush tones. The on-trend, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper

Design Trend 3: Nature Meets Man-Made

Combining natural and manmade materials is almost always interesting, but usually we see this strategy in the grand scheme of a room (such as mixing metal pieces with fabric). This design takes it up a notch, making the contrast between the two all the more intriguing!

Design Trend 4: Tribal-Influenced Patterns

The trend of tribal-influenced patterns (seen here on the furniture, carpet, and pillows) has gained momentum this year and shows no sign of slowing down. This is likely because tribal patterns are a great way to spice up a space. They’re interesting and extremely versatile — any color goes!

Design Trend 5: Natural Finishes… Everywhere

There is so much to love about this space that it needs a list…

Beautiful bricks — a trend that’s coming back in a big way!
Natural finishes that create a sense of calm, like the concrete tub and soft, herringbone-style floor
Adding thick green plants brings the space to life

Design Trend 6: Variety in an Unexpected Place… Your Lavatory Sink

This creative wall of lavatory sinks reminds us that basins don’t have to be boring! When it comes to shapes, colors, and even finishes, the sky’s the limit. We particularly love the matte finish on these.

Design Trend 7: Contrasting Colors and Shapes are Always In

This vignette takes color and shape contrast to another level. Lines meet curves… cubes meet cylinders… blues meets oranges. The entire scene is a work of art. When you’re considering the design of your own space, keep this design strategy in mind. There’s nothing quite like contrast for creating real punch.

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