A Quick Guide to Cliché-Free Christmas Decor

We’ve all seen the cutesy Christmas clichés — red and green scattered across every surface, Santa and his reindeer winking from mantels and hearths.

I love traditional holiday decor as much as the next gal, but the reality is that it doesn’t always work with your space. In most cases, it actually clashes…

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are just a few tips that will help you navigate away from the clichés and more toward a space that delights and awes.

Holiday Decor Tip: Work with the design you already have.

I’m all about working with what you have already. If you have a pastel palette throughout your home, red and green might not be the best colors to bring in the holiday spirit. Gold, however, could look stunning!

Here are a variety of Christmas palette ideas that say no to red and green but look beautifully festive anyway…

  • Christmas Palette: Robin’s egg blue, soft navy, cream and gold.
  • Christmas Palette: Violet, fuschia, opal, and silver.
  • Christmas Palette: Blush pink, cream, silver, and gold.

Holiday Decor Tip: Never underestimate a touch of gold.

Gold is one of the most versatile colors in our decor toolbox, but it’s easy to forget this when our eyes are filled with red and green.

Without much fuss, a touch of gold can turn a space from casual to classy or from “everyday” to special occasion. Gold will most likely match your existing spaces as well.

Here are some great places you can incorporate touches of gold into your holiday decor…

  • Hanging golden ornaments from your windows is a great way to bring elegance and cheer into the space.
  • A little golden table decor (candles, cutlery, table runners, centerpieces, etc.) will make your holiday meals feel extra special.
  • Presents wrapped in gold add an excitement factor to this simple mantel.

Holiday Decor Tip: Have a plan for your Christmas tree.

When decorating for the holidays, think about where you will put your Christmas tree, and how you will decorate and entertain.

  • Do you want your tree to sparkle from the window and welcome all who pass by?
  • Do you want your tree near the family room hearth, where it will glow in the warm light of the fire?
  • Do you want your tree in the entryway to greet every holiday guest?

It’s completely up to you. 🙂

Holiday Decor Tip: Think outside of the Christmas box.

Avoiding Christmas clichés means thinking a little outside the same old box. For example, I love the idea of having 2 trees — one in the formal space of the home and one for the kids and their holiday crafts!

In my experience, kids go nuts over having their own tree to decorate to their hearts’ content… and you’ll have the freedom to decorate a masterpiece.

Let your little ones go to town on their own tree! It’ll keep them happy… and occupied while the grownups relax. 😉

No kids? Why not a tree for the fur babies?!

Look how happy they are!

Another idea, especially if you don’t want to go all-out, is to find one or two big statement pieces. They’ll bring the spirit of the holidays into your home without taking over the whole space.I love the casual holiday vibe of this oversized wreath!

That’s all for now! If you’d like to continue your journey to holiday inspiration, check out my Holiday Decor Pinterest board.

Until next time, happy decorating!

Deziner Tonie

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