Coffee Tables: Styles and Styling


We heard someone recently say that coffee tables are passé. Nope. Looking through this year’s room makeover entries in the International Dream Room competition judged by interior design journalists clearly indicates that coffee tables are certainly in vogue. There were many in the commercial, family room, and living room categories. And there was a wide range of styles and styling.

The photo above presents a good lesson for styling. Use varied heights, varied materials, layer items, and don’t forget nature.

Table Styling for Artsy Tables

There were tables (above left) that were themselves pieces of art where too much styling on the surface would take away from the artistry of the furnishing itself. Other tables (above right) had a contemporary style, but the surface is kept open for function.

Table Styling for Traditional Rectangular Tables

Traditional rectangular tables are still popular, but we find a greater variety of construction using metals and glass. Books, open or closed, singular or stacked, are still a staple for dressing up that surface. A second surface below can be used for seasonal decoration or left plain to put the spotlight on the upper surface items.

Table Styling for Circular Tables

Depending on your furniture placement, circular tables can add aesthetic interest by varying the lines to provide more visual interest to rectangular furniture. Of course, a circular table also can complement a curved sofa, which is becoming more popular.

Table Styling for Upholstered Coffee Tables

Upholstered pieces can double for ottoman-type use and table-type use. It takes only a tray to display an accessory or two or serve up some drinks.

Table Styling for Cool Coffee Tables

This cool coffee table is truly multifunctional for the male client’s den. It is part lift-top, part bench and part storage while coated in a beautiful ash taupe finish.

Table Styling for Multifunctional Tables

Speaking of multifunction, the table shown upper left includes four nesting tables for use as side tables. Or, how about the touch of elegance offered by the modern glass and metal nesting table (above right).

Table Styling for Multi-piece Coffee Tables

Three pieces become a multi-piece coffee table which becomes the statement furnishing in this odd-shaped room which dictated the design and amplifies the benefit of having us help you with a particularly challenging space.

Deziner Tonie – Decorating Den Interiors can help you consider all the factors in selecting the style of coffee table and the styling for the surface, all to top off your room design in a way that makes your room more beautiful and reflective of your personality and lifestyle.

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