Color Series: 5 Ways to Bring in the Blue

Looking to bring a little blue into your home? You’re not alone! Blue was one of the color stars of High Point Market, and we can understand why… it’s one of the few colors that never seems to go out of style.

So how can you bring it into your home? Let me count the ways…


Navy blue often creates a feeling of sophistication and class, especially when paired with white or cream. Warmer colors, such as those in the artwork and gold of the lamp, provide great contrast and keep the dark navy approachable.

2. ART

Abstract art is a great place to explore color, like this bright royal and sky blue piece. Again, we see blue paired with gold to warm it up. This would be the perfect bridging element to add to a bedroom or family room where there are various shades of blue and warm neutrals.


Blue doesn’t always have to be serious! These rugs prove that adding another color (pink, orange, green) or bold floral print can create a playful but stylish look. Be sure to use the other colors as accent pieces around the room, like you see in the pillows and ottoman.


Because there are so many variations of blue — like cobalt and robin’s egg blue above — nearly any palette can accommodate some form of a blue accent. To discover which shade would pop most in your space, you can find several approved palettes online or leave us comment below!


It’s no secret that wallpaper has made a big comeback lately. If you love the look but aren’t ready to commit your walls to the cause, we have your solution: hang a very lightweight cloth tapestry.

The one above adds some wonderfully rich blue to this space, while the yellow-tinted lamp, framed map, greenery, and white paneling keep the space from looking too dark.

Where’s your favorite place to add a bit of blue? Tell us in the comments below!

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