How to Decorate a Small Patio

Sitting in the AC during the hot days of summer can be tempting. But when you want some fresh air, it’s nice to have an oasis you can retreat to, like your patio. Even if your patio is small, there are ways you can decorate to make it feel spacious and welcoming. Here are seven tips on how to decorate a small patio.

Think minimalism
When you’re designing a small space, a minimalist approach is favored. Having too many items clustered together can make the small space feel claustrophobic instead of roomy. If your area works best with a tiny table and two chairs, don’t cram larger furniture into the space. Embrace minimalism! If you think fewer objects are boring, consider choosing items that are colorful, textured, and patterned to spice it up.

Invest in multifunctional furniture
Multifunctional furniture helps you lean into minimalism by enabling you to do more with less. Think of a firepit that is also a table, benches or ottomans with hidden storage, and foldable chairs. When you don’t have a lot of room to store your outdoor items, using your furniture to do so is a lifesaver. You can keep things like blankets, pillows, and party supplies in these hidden storage components.

Fold it up
In addition to folding chairs, adding a foldable umbrella to your patio is beneficial since you can easily store it. Umbrellas can make sitting outside on super sunny days more enjoyable because it provides protection when you’re trying to avoid the UV rays. Choose an umbrella in a bright color or pattern that speaks to your personality.

Add a rug
Adding a rug to the patio is a simple way to catch your guest’s eye. Not only do rugs pull your seating area together into unified space, but they don’t take up a lot of space either. If the rest of your patio is full of neutral colors, an area rug provides you with an opportunity to add texture and colors. Make sure you choose a weatherproof option so you can leave it out there no matter what the forecast is.

Incorporate pillows
Just like indoors, pillows are an easy way to add character and color to your outdoor space. Find pillows that complement the rest of your decor and place them on your chairs or benches. You can also consider floor pillows, which create additional seating options for guests.

Go green
Some people are lucky enough to have greenery surrounding their homes, but it’s easy to add plants and flowers to your space for those who don’t. Place a taller plant in the corner of your patio or hang plants vertically along your fence or wall if you don’t have the floor space. If you are into growing your own plants or vegetables, consider creating a small garden. You can align one of the patio sides with a slim wood box full of soil or hang a window box.

Roll out a bar cart
Though an outdoor kitchen is unattainable in a small space, adding a bar cart is not. You can use a bar cabinet that doubles as additional tabletop space when needed, or you can get one on wheels so you can transfer it inside with ease. An outdoor bar cart keeps your drinks and snacks within arm’s reach, so you and your guests don’t have to go indoors for refills continually.

Decorating a small patio doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Making smart choices when it comes to how much decor you include to the color palette and pattern usage can make all the difference in elevating the space. If you need help designing the patio of your dreams, contact Deziner Tonie today for a design consultation!

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