Modern Coastal Decor Ideas

As interior decorators in Palm Beach County, we know a lot about modern coastal decor. It’s so easy to find inspiration when we’re so close to the beach. If you want your home to pay homage to your coastal surroundings, there are plenty of ways you can do so without going overboard.

Modern coastal design focuses less on the nautical aspects of the sea and instead focuses on the light, airy, relaxed vibes you get from being in a beach town. Here are some ways you can incorporate modern coastal decor into your home.

Coastal Color Palette

While nautical themes may include all the red, white, and blue you can dream of, modern coastal palettes are muted and lighter. Think about the colors you see when you’re at the beach. White, off-white, or sand backdrops filled with blue, green, yellow, and gray accents are understated and aesthetically pleasing. In a mostly white kitchen, you could paint blue cabinets for a pop of color. In all-white kitchens, incorporate brass accents. You could even play with black hardware options as well.

Light Woods

Though darker woods can be used in coastal decor, we prefer to use light wood. It keeps the space feeling clean and simple. Use light wood bases for everything from your furniture to your cabinets, decor, and floors. Consider leaving exposed wood beams in your ceiling for architectural interest. Driftwood is another popular coastal decor item that can be used as artwork.

Woven Textures

When you envision beach home decor, you probably see woven baskets and textures throughout the space. Baskets make great storage options in coastal homes. Or they can simply serve as an accent piece in any room. However, baskets aren’t the only items that can provide woven textures. You can also use area rugs and blankets to accomplish this vibe.

Natural Fabrics and Fibers

Since the beach is one of the best parts of nature, natural fabrics and fibers are a no-brainer in coastal style homes. Cotton and linen are two favorites and can be found in the form of blankets, pillows, area rugs, and more. Layering the fabrics creates texture and dimension as well. Keeping cool is a top priority when you’re in the heat, so that’s why breathable fabrics are so prevalent in modern coastal design.

Open Floor Plans

The design elements of a coastal home should be light and airy, and so should the layout. Open floor plans make the space flow effortlessly. It also eliminates barriers and dividers that prevent conversation and group gatherings. When you’re hosting friends and family, you’ll be able to move about your space, relax, and enjoy each other with ease.

Natural Light

Soak up that Vitamin D indoors and outdoors. Embrace natural light as much as you can in a coastal home. Hang sheer curtains which offer protection and allow the sun to shine through. You can also incorporate wood blinds on windows or sliding doors. Using wood shutters fits with the overall theme of the house. Just make sure you can open them or pull them all the way up, so you’re not blocking out the rays when you want them.

Simple Accent Pieces

Look for simple accent pieces that you can strategically place throughout the house. Instead of traditional signs with playful sayings on them, consider hanging an abstract piece of art in colors that complement your overall palette. Trade in a jar of seashells for a bit of coral. This oceanic element would look great atop any mantel or side table. Take a look through your photo albums and see if there are pictures you can print out and frame. Whether they’re scenic photos from the last sunset you watched or a picture of your kids playing in the ocean, these items are personal and unique.

If you want to embrace your inner beach bum in a sophisticated way, fill your home with these modern coastal decor ideas. Using these tips enables you to create the relaxed, calm feeling you get when lying on the beach right in your own home. For those looking for an interior designer in Palm Beach, contact Deziner Tonie today for a design consultation!

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