Spring Color & Tablescapes for Interfaith Family Celebrations

At the beginning of last spring, I shared my all-time favorite spring color inspiration: the acres of blooming tulip fields in Holland, called Keukenhof. (I often tease my husband Pete that I fell in love with a Dutchman because tulips are my favorite flowers. Let’s just say, he’s not complaining!) This year, I want to get even more personal with you, because we’ll be celebrating Easter and Passover for the first time with our family in Florida. We are an interfaith family, and I embrace it! This includes our first-ever Seder dinner, which got me thinking… how do you decorate for an interfaith holiday celebration? Do you blend decor unique to both? Do you find common ground? I’ve given it some thought and put together a few springtime tips to help you style a fresh and inviting space for family and friends — no matter what you celebrate.

Decorations that Any Faith Can Enjoy

1. Set a beautiful tablescape

No matter what you’re celebrating, chances are high that you’ll be eating! That means gathering around a table and enjoying family rituals, religious rituals, and/or each other’s company.

Now, for a Seder dinner, there is some traditional dishware used, such as the Seder plate. You can either make these special items the star of the table or blend them with your other decor. (I’ll leave that choice to you!)

But the best way to make a piece stand out is to surround it with colors and pieces that are their opposite. So if your Seder plate is full of rich blues and white, some great complementary colors would include pinks, corals, oranges, and khaki.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure which colors are complements, look at the color opposite yours on the color wheel and the colors to each side of it.

Which brings me to our second point…

2. Focus on color

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or none of the above, there’s no denying that spring is a time of rebirth in the natural world. Flowers bloom, baby birds pop up all over the place, and the earth comes alive with color.

Instead of focusing on balancing bunny replicas with your other traditional decor, bring some of this color into your home.

So what colors are we loving this season?

  • Top Pick: Lilac and daffodil yellow send my eyes into color heaven. They not only complement each other but could very easily work with any celebration. Purple is always a winner in my book!
  • Saturated Pastels: An undeniable color of spring, pastels can come in a variety of tones, from saturated to unsaturated to greyed. Choose whichever makes your eyes the happiest!
  • Unsaturated Pastels: If saturated pastels are a little too bold for you, softer springtime colors are just as energizing and inviting. I love this combination of pinks, soft blush, and tealy blues.
  • Grayed Pastels: Grayed pastels are similar to unsaturated ones but they are just a little more muted by comparison, perfect for those who want a more subtle option. I’m loving the color of the year, coral, paired with blush and classic blues. (You can never go wrong with blue!)

3. Bring in the flowers & greenery

Speaking of bringing the natural world indoors, adding flowers and greenery is a fail-safe win (and maybe even essential) for any celebration.

You can find great flowers and greenery at your local grocer or florist… or make just a little extra effort to style your own. I love these clever centerpieces below.

P.S. After all of the fires we had in California last year, the Super Bloom this year is INCREDIBLE. I have lived in California for over 50 years and have never seen the Super Bloom like it is now. If you haven’t yet, go out and get inspired!

Okay, I will wrap up here, but let me leave you on this positive note:

You’ll likely see many colors, decorations, and tablescape ideas this season, but I want you to remember, this is all inspiration — there’s no right or wrong way to do it!

It’s your family, your traditions, and no matter what ends up in your home, it will be special because you are there to enjoy it together.

So in that spirit, I wish you the happiest, most gratitude-filled celebration (or two!) of the year so far. 🙂

Much love from our family to yours,
Deziner Tonie

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