Prepping your home for the 2020 holiday season

As surreal as it may seem, the holiday season is right around the corner! Before the crazy rush of family dinners, guests and gifts begins, it’s important to take the time to make some practical and fun changes around your home to usher in the new holiday feel.

Here are some easy tips and tricks for preparing your home for the upcoming family festivities:

Focus on the main spaces
It may feel like you need to decorate and clean every inch of your home once fall comes around. And while it is time to retire some of your summer decor and add in some holiday accents, it’s best to truly focus on the spaces that count the most. This includes the living room, kitchen and dining room. While this isn’t to say your other spaces can’t be spruced up and decorated, these main spaces are likely where most of the hosting and holiday activities will take place.

Focus on giving these rooms a good clean for the new season (this will make it easier when each holiday rolls around). Then, add your carefully curated accessories around the fireplace and dining room table for a warm and inviting feel.

Keep safety measures in mind
It’s well known that home accidents (especially fires) rise around the holiday season. From an increased use of candles, lights and generators, to having more guests around and cooking complicated meals with sharp knives, there is simply more chance of something going wrong.

The Red Cross recommends checking decorations like lights, electronic candles and even artificial Christmas trees and wreaths before plugging them in for the season. Look for any exposed wires or faulty plugs. Additionally, always make sure to keep decorations a good distance away from heat sources and extinguish any candles or fire before going to bed or leaving the room for the night.

Have a transitional color palette
The holiday season is usually further split into two distinct periods: Autumn and winter. For many, the decorations from fall to the snowy season are a dramatic change, but decorating your home can be easier if you choose a transitional color palette from the start.

Red, gold and silver are all great colors that can be incorporated at the beginning of the season and last until spring. Consider using a tablecloth in one of these hues or adding these pops of color in throw pillows and blankets. These can stay for the entire season while other decor can change to set the tone between fall and winter.

Make space
Real Simple points out that during the holiday season, you and your family will likely be receiving many gifts. The start of autumn marks the perfect time to begin cleaning up and making space for some of these new items. Ask your children to gather toys and clothes to donate so they can enjoy the new ones. Similarly, clean out any nooks and crannies preemptively so you have space for a tree, extra seating or whatever you may need some extra room for during the holidays.

The holiday season can be stressful enough without having to worry about prepping your home for the craziness to come. Sit back and relax while Deziner Tonie – Decorating Den Interiors takes control!

Depending on your comfort level, we are available for an in-person consultation or can be reached over the phone to discuss your personal style and needs during this transition period.

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