When is the Best Time to Plan a Design Project?

Today, I want to talk about something no one wants to hear right now: the post-holiday blues. And before you close this tab, hear me out!

I’m not trying to rain on our holiday parade. The opposite, in fact — I want us to KEEP our high energy and zest for life longer than December!

After all, it’s no secret… come January, your holiday decor finds its way back into storage. The promising sparkle of lights disappears. You start looking forward to the next holiday (Easter) and realize it’s SO far away. And then, there’s your home — without the holiday decor, you might realize it’s pretty ho-hum after all.

It’s very common to feel disenchanted after the holidays. But instead of using (or not using) that new gym membership to fight the blues, I have a better idea…

How to Fight Post-Holiday Disenchantment with Your Home

Packing up holiday decor is the perfect time to look at your space objectively and imagine ways to freshen – it – up!

From small touches to big…

  • You could add space-transforming art or a gallery wall
  • You could introduce some new, luxurious textiles
  • You could reorganize and rearrange the flow of the space
  • You could introduce an exciting new palette (you’d be shocked what a new coat of paint can do)
  • You could consider a complete interior redesign
  • If you’ve been considering a bigger upgrade, now is the time start planning!

If you have a large-scale project in mind (like the last two on this list), keep reading for some realistic insight into WHEN you should start planning and HOW MUCH you’ll want to reserve for your budget.

How to Realistically Plan Your Design Project’s Timeline

The timing of your design project largely depends on what the project entails, but planning sooner is always better than later.

Some special cases:

  • If you’re hosting a special event in the next 12 months and plan to hire a designer, start looking now.
  • If you’re wanting to renovate your home before the next holiday season rolls around, start considering your design goals now and call an interior designer no later than June.
  • If you’re planning to retire and want to renovate beforehand, start 2 years in advance.

If your project isn’t one of these special cases, here’s a standard guideline:

  • A project that includes renovations needs at least 2-3 months for the design phase alone, so it’s best to start the project 6 months in advance
  • A project that is solely decor-based design (no reno) requires at least 1 month, but can take longer with product shipments
  • When in doubt, multiply the time you think you need by 2-3!

How to Realistically Plan Your Design Project’s Budget

Most people come to the table with a number in mind, but they have no idea how far that number will take them. In almost every case, your “budget” is actually 3x less than needed for what you want to do in your home.

This is due to the simple fact that paint, window treatments, rugs, furniture, flooring, appliances, etc. all cost more than you think — especially if you want quality that will last for many years (sorry, IKEA).

Tip: Multiply your budget by 3. Now you’re in the right ballpark!

Fortunately, this investment comes with big returns:

  • A designer’s relationship with suppliers means lower product prices than you could get on your own
  • A designer’s experience helps avoid costly mistakes during the design process
  • You get the peace of mind to leave managing the renovation to the pros
  • You get a home that is designed for YOU and makes your daily life happier and easier
  • Design is an investment that pays off if you ever sell your home in the future

Alright, I’ll let you get back to your holiday merrymaking now, but don’t forget to bookmark this post! When January comes and you’re feeling blue, now you’ll know exactly how to start planning something new and exciting. 🙂

Happy Holidays!
Deziner Tonie

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